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Rose McIver and Karen Gillan at ‘Mack Sennett Homecoming’ on September, 18. | [x] 12 photobooth photos added

Karen Gillan,The List trailer

Karen Gillan Gif Hunt Part 7 



Under the cut are about 380 gifs of Karen Gillan in interviewsof varying size and quality. All gifs are under 2mb. None of the gifs were made by me. Sorry for any repeats. 

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Selfie Behind the scenes


is there a film genre karen gillan hasn’t perfected


Karen's original ice bucket challenge - Wizard World Chicago, 24 August 2014 

  • Matt: Hey, did anyone see Karen's ice bucket challenge last night?
  • Karen: No, it's not online!
  • Matt: Is it not online?
  • Karen: I haven't--guys, I don't know how to get it online!
  • Matt: You're making excuses!
  • Moderator: Because Matt, you challenged her...
  • Karen: We did it last night! We filmed it!
  • Matt: We did it last night, it's on--oh no, I haven't got it.
  • Karen: It's on my phone, but I don't know how to put it online!
  • Matt: Do you think we can fit it on twitter or is it too big?
  • Karen: It's too big for twitter. It's pretty extreme.
  • Matt: It's FUNNY.
  • Moderator: Do you want to give us a play-by-play, or should we save it?
  • Karen: I think you've just got to sit and watch it, there's no explaining this thing. There's ice, and a bucket, and MATT. There's a doll that someone gave Matt yesterday at this convention that I'm holding.
  • Matt: Yeah, yeah, it made it through, yeah! I'm going to text someone and see if they can send it through.
  • Karen: What, how are you going to show it to everyone?
  • Matt: I'm just going to hold it up to the microphone and stuff. And they'll be the first people to see it as well, so it'll be cool. Oh, no, I haven't got wifi. DAMN YOU, INTERNET.
  •  I wonder what happened to that video!