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TV on the Radio Make Paul Reubens a Race Car Driver for ‘Happy Idiot’ Video 


For “Happy Idiot,” the first video from TV on the Radio’s upcoming fifth album Seeds, the group has enlisted Paul Reubens as “Racer Steven” and Doctor Who actress Karen Gillan for what singer Tunde Adebimpe described as a “full-on geekfest in the desert.”

Directed by Danny Jelinek and written by comedian Jake Fogelnest,…

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[originally published via Music on September 30, 2014 at 03:13AM]


Rose McIver and Karen Gillan at ‘Mack Sennett Homecoming’ on September, 18. | [x] 12 photobooth photos added

Karen Gillan,The List trailer

Karen Gillan Gif Hunt Part 7 



Under the cut are about 380 gifs of Karen Gillan in interviewsof varying size and quality. All gifs are under 2mb. None of the gifs were made by me. Sorry for any repeats. 

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Selfie Behind the scenes


is there a film genre karen gillan hasn’t perfected